Head Start & Athletic Development Coach

Ed McDermott joined British Skeleton in May 2012 on a part-time basis as a strength and conditioning coach.

He stepped up to his current role as Head Start and Athletic Development Coach in May 2014.

Ed is responsible for the planning and delivery of push start and physical sessions across the performance programme during both pre-season and competition. He leads the wider Sports Science and Medicine team during the summer months and his remit is to improve the long-term push performance of all British Skeleton athletes.

Ed works closely with the performance coaching team and travels extensively with the squad, but he also provides remote-based programmes when necessary. 

Prior to joining British Skeleton, Ed worked with Pentathlon GB as their lead Strength and Conditioning coach from 2012–2014. He previously worked for Team Bath across a wide range of sports and levels from 2008-2012, with his coaching journey having begun while he was at Bangor University when he became the sprints coach for the uni club in 2004.