Olympic Games: What's on When?

Olympic Games: What's on When?

The bobsleigh and skeleton action takes place over an 11-day period, starting with men's skeleton in the early hours of Thursday morning and finishing around the same time a week on Sunday with the 4-man bob.

While there's a need to go slightly nocturnal if you want to watch each and every run, it only happens once every four years so surely it's worth the bleary eyes the next day!

We're also lucky that the majority of the potential medal moments come at a much more reasonable hour, with Runs 3 & 4 generally taking place in the early afternoon.

Here's the full list of each and every run, with all times GMT:

Thurs 10 Feb
Men's Skeleton Heat 1 1.30am
Men's Skeleton Heat 2 3am

Fri 11 Feb
Women's Skeleton Heat 1 1.30am
Women's Skeleton Heat 2 3am
Men's Skeleton Heat 3 12.20pm
Men's Skeleton Heat 4 1.55pm

Sat 12 Feb
Women's Skeleton Heat 3 12.20pm
Women's Skeleton Heat 4 1.55pm

Sun 13 Feb
Women's Monobob Heat 1 1.30am
Women's Monobob Heat 2 3am

Mon 14 Feb
Women's Monobob Heat 3 1.30am
Women's Monobob Heat 4 3am
2-man Bobsleigh Heat 1 12.05pm
2-man Bobsleigh Heat 2 1.40pm

Tues 15 Feb
2-man Bobsleigh Heat 3 12.15pm
2-man Bobsleigh Heat 4 1.50pm

Fri 18 Feb
Women's Bobsleigh Heat 1 12pm
Women's Bobsleigh Heat 2 1.30pm

Sat 19 Feb
4-man Bobsleigh Heat 1 1.30am
4-man Bobsleigh Heat 2 3.05am
Women's Bobsleigh Heat 3 12pm
Women's Bobsleigh Heat 4 1.30pm

Sun 20 Feb
4-man Bobsleigh Heat 3 1.30am
4-man Bobsleigh Heat 4 3.20am

Closing Ceremony: Sun 20 Feb

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