The World Cup is the premier circuit on the IBSF calendar. It features eight races across three continents with overall champions crowned at the end of the campaign.

The World Cup season starts in China and ends in the United States, with France, Austria, Switzerland, Norway, Latvia and Germany the European host nations.


Date Venue Race Timetable / Results
Beijing, China World Cup 1

Fri 17 Nov
2-man Bobsleigh: No GB sleds
Men's Skeleton: 
Wyatt 7th; Thompson 9th; Weston 10th; Salisbury 12th
Women's Skeleton: Coltman 13th

Sat 18 Nov
4-man Bobsleigh: No GB sleds

Sun 19 Nov
4-man Bobsleigh: No GB sleds

La Plagne, France World Cup 2

Fri 8 Dec
Women's Skeleton: Stoecker 1st; Tarbit 14th; Coltman 20th
Men's Skeleton: Weston 2nd; Wyatt =3rd; Thompson 5th; Salisbury 20th 

Sat 9 Dec
Women's Monobob:
No GB sleds
2-man Bobsleigh:
 No GB sleds

Sun 10 Dec
Women's Bobsleigh: 
No GB sleds
4-man Bobsleigh: No GB sleds

Igls, Austria World Cup 3

Fri 15 Dec
Women's Monobob: Nicoll 15th
Men's Skeleton: Weston 1st; Thompson 4th; Wyatt 9th; Salisbury 14th
Women's Skeleton: Stoecker 3rd; Tarbit 21st; Coltman 22nd

Sat 16 Dec
Women's Monobob:
Nicoll 9th
2-man Bobsleigh:
Hall & Lawrence 11th

Sun 17 Dec
Women's Bobsleigh:
McSweeney & Placide 15th
4-man Bobsleigh: Hall, Gulliver, Lawrence & Cackett =6th (=6th)*

*Race doubles as European Championships, with results in brackets

St Moritz, Switzerland World Cup 4

Fri 12 Jan
Women's Skeleton: Stoecker 21st; Coltman 24th; Tarbit 28th
Men's Skeleton: Weston 4th; Wyatt 12th; Thompson 13th; Salisbury 24th
Skeleton Team Event: Wyatt & Stoecker 7th; Thompson & Tarbit 10th

Sat 13 Jan
Women's Monobob:
Nicoll 10th
2-man Bobsleigh:
Hall & Lawrence 9th; Stanbridge & Cartagena 19th

Sun 14 Jan
Women's Bobsleigh:
No GB sleds
4-man Bobsleigh: Hall, Greenwood, Lawrence & Cackett 6th

Lillehammer, Norway World Cup 5

Fri 26 Jan
Men's Skeleton: Weston 8th; Salisbury 10th; Thompson 12th; Wyatt 31st
Women's Skeleton: Coltman 6th; Stoecker 12th; Tarbit 16th

Sat 27 Jan
Women's Monobob:
Nicoll 15th
2-man Bobsleigh:
Hall & Lawrence 6th; Stanbridge & Cartagena 14th

Sun 28 Jan
Women's Bobsleigh:
Nicoll & Placide 11th; McSweeney & Gibb 14th
4-man Bobsleigh: Hall, Greenwood, Lawrence & Cackett 3rd; Baird, Kay, Hullah & Williams 17th

Sigulda, Latvia World Cup 6

Fri 2 Feb
Women's Bobsleigh: Nicoll & Gibb 9th
Men's Skeleton: Wyatt 2nd (1st); Weston 3rd (2nd); Salisbury 7th (4th); Thompson 12th (9th)
Women's Skeleton: Coltman 4th (3rd); Tarbit 10th (8th); Stoecker 14th (10th)

Sat 3 Feb
Women's Monobob:
Nicoll 11th (7th)*
2-man Bobsleigh:
Hall & Lawrence 7th; Baird & Hullah 17th

Sun 4 Feb
Women's Bobsleigh*:
Nicoll & Placide (DSQ - Run 1 crash)
2-man Bobsleigh**: Baird & Williams 13th; Hall & Lawrence (DNS)

*Race doubles as European Championships

** Race is European Championships only and does not count towards the overall World Cup competition

Altenberg, Germany World Cup 7

Fri 16 Feb
Women's Skeleton: Stoecker 10th; Coltman 13th; Tarbit 20th
Men's Skeleton: Weston 3rd; Wyatt 7th; Salisbury 16th; Thompson 19th
Skeleton Team Event: No GB sleds

Sat 17 Feb
Women's Monobob:
No GB sleds
2-man Bobsleigh:
 No GB sleds

Sun 18 Feb
Women's Bobsleigh:
 No GB sleds
4-man Bobsleigh: No GB sleds

Lake Placid, USA World Cup 8

All times are GMT

Thurs 21 Mar
Men's Skeleton: Wyatt 2nd; Weston =4th; Thompson 15th; Salisbury 20th
Women's Skeleton: Stoecker 8th; Tarbit =15th; Coltman 29th

Fri 22 Mar
Women's Monobob:
Nicoll 10th
2-man Bobsleigh:
Baird & Williams 15th

Sat 23 Mar
Women's Bobsleigh:
Nicoll & Placide 2nd
4-man Bobsleigh*: Baird; Dixon; Hullah & Williams 14th

*Race reduced to one heat


Men's Skeleton: Weston 1st; Wyatt 5th; Thompson 9th; Salisbury 17th
Women's Skeleton: Stoecker 10th (7 races); Coltman 16th; Tarbit =20th (7 races)
Monobob: Nicoll 12th (6 races)

**Only includes results where GB athletes have competed in at least 5 of the 8 races