The Europa Cup circuit features eight races for both bobsleigh and skeleton, although not always at the same time or the same venue.

For skeleton, the Europa Cup circuit sits above the North American Cup in the list of circuits, whereas it shares equal importance with the North American Cup as far as the bobsleigh rankings are concerned.


Date Venue Race Timetable / Results
Lillehammer, Norway

Wed 16 Nov
2-man Bobsleigh: Gleeson & Cartagena 11th; Baird & Kay 13th; Stanbridge & Williams 15th
Women's Monobob: Nicoll 7th; Moore 13th

Thurs 17 Nov
2-man Bobsleigh: Gleeson & Cartagena 11th; Baird & Kay 15th; Stanbridge & Williams 21st
Women's Monobob: Nicoll 6th; Moore 14th 

Sat 19 Nov
4-man Bobsleigh:
Stanbridge, Hudson, Jenkins & Allner 15th
Women's Bobsleigh: McSweeney & Illsey 8th; Bee & Fabunmi-Alade 12th

Sun 20 Nov
4-man Bobsleigh: Stanbridge, Hudson, Jenkins & Allner 12th
Women's Bobsleigh: McSweeney & Illsey 5th; Bee & Gibb 11th

Altenberg, Germany

Mon 28 Nov
2-man Bobsleigh: Baird & Williams 21st; Stanbridge & Kay DNF
Women's Monobob: Moore 13th; Nicoll 14th

Tues 29 Nov
2-man Bobsleigh:
No GB sleds
Women's Monobob: Moore DNS; Nicoll DNS

Fri 02/12
Women's Bobsleigh: No GB sleds
4-man Bobsleigh: No GB sleds

Sat 03/12
Women's Bobsleigh: No GB sleds
4-man Bobsleigh: No GB sleds

Igls, Austria

Thurs 08/12
2-man Bobsleigh: Gleeson & Cartagena 15th; Baird & Williams 16th
Women's Monobob: Nicoll 7th; Moore 13th

Fri 09/12
Women's Monobob: Nicoll 11th; Moore 16th
4-man Bobsleigh: Baird, Kay, Williams & Cartagena 16th; Gleeson, Jenkins, Hudson & Allner 19th

Sat 10/12
Women's Bobsleigh: McSweeney & Fabunmi-Alade 14th; Nicoll & Illsley 15th; Moore & Gibb 17th; Longden & Dinley 18th
4-man Bobsleigh: Baird, Cartagena, Williams & Kay 17th; Gleeson, Jenkins, Allner & Hudson 19th

Sigulda, Latvia

Fri 20 Jan
2-man Bobsleigh: No GB sleds
Women's Monobob: No GB sleds

Sat 21 Jan
2-man Bobsleigh: No GB sleds
Women's Bobsleigh: No GB sleds

Winterberg, Germany

All times are GMT

Fri 17 Feb
2-man Bobsleigh 12pm
Women's Monobob 12pm

Sat 18 Feb
4-man Bobsleigh 12pm (double race)
Women's Bobsleigh 12pm (double race)

NB Races double as Junior European Championships, with results in brackets

Junior European Championship results are calculated by removing all non-European and non-age relevant competitors from the final standings