The World Cup is the premier circuit on the IBSF calendar. It features eight races across six different venues in Europe and Asia, with Austria, China, Germany, Latvia and Switzerland the host nations.

Restrictions implemented as a result of the Coronavirus pandemic led to the scheduled North American legs of this season's World Cup circuit being cancelled and both Sigulda and Igls hosting double headers during the first part of the season.


Date Venue Race Timetable / Results
Sigulda, Latvia World Cup 1

Fri 20 Nov
Women's Skeleton: Deas 6th; Pittaway 12th; Coltman 14th
Men's Skeleton: Weston 5th; Thompson 6th; Wyatt 8th

Sat 21 Nov
Women's Bobsleigh: No GB sleds
2-man Bobsleigh: No GB sleds

Sun 22 Nov
2-man Bobsleigh: No GB sleds

Sigulda, Latvia World Cup 2

Fri 27 Nov
Women's Skeleton: Deas 5th; Pittaway 8th; Crowley 16th
Men's Skeleton: Wyatt 3rd; Thompson =7th; Weston 12th

Sat 28 Nov
Women's Bobsleigh: No GB sleds
2-man Bobsleigh: No GB sleds

Sun 29 Nov
2-man Bobsleigh: No GB sleds

Igls, Austria World Cup 3

Fri 11 Dec
Men's Skeleton: Weston 4th; Fulker 12th; Rice 16th
Women's Skeleton: Smith 12th; Crowley 15th; Coltman 16th

Sat 12 Dec
2-man Bobsleigh: Hall & Gleeson 7th; Deen & Dasaolu 19th

Sun 13 Dec
Women's Bobsleigh:
McNeill & Douglas 4th
2-man Bobsleigh: Hall & Cackett 6th; Deen & Dasaolu 19th

Igls, Austria World Cup 4

Fri 18 Dec
Men's Skeleton: Weston 2nd; Rice 14th
Women's Skeleton: Smith 12th; Crowley 14th; Coltman 17th

Sat 19 Dec
Women's Bobsleigh: McNeill & Douglas 7th
2-man Bobsleigh: Hall & Blanchet 12th; Deen & Simons 17th

Sun 20 Dec
2-man Bobsleigh: Hall & Gleeson 8th; Deen & Simons 18th

Winterberg, Germany World Cup 5 & European Championships

Fri 8 Jan
Men's Skeleton: Thompson 5th (5th); Wyatt 13th (13th); Fulker 14th (14th)
Women's Skeleton: Deas 12th (11th); Pittaway 15th (13th); Smith 18th (15th)

Sat 9 Jan
Women's Bobsleigh: McNeill & Douglas 12th (8th)
2-man Bobsleigh: Hall & Gleeson 7th (6th)

Sun 10 Jan
4-man Bobsleigh: No GB sleds

NB Races double as European Championships, with results in brackets

European Championship results are calculated by removing all non-European competitors from the final standings 

St Moritz, Switzerland World Cup 6

All times are GMT

Fri 15 Jan
Men's Skeleton: Wyatt 8th; Thompson 14th; Bostock 21st
Women's Skeleton: Pittaway 12th; Deas 14th; Smith 16th

Sat 16 Jan
2-man Bobsleigh: Hall & Cackett 10th; Deen & Dasaolu 19th

Sun 17 Jan
Women's Bobsleigh: McNeill & Douglas 16th
4-man Bobsleigh: Deen, Fearon, Simons & Dasaolu 16th

Konigssee, Germany World Cup 7

Fri 22 Jan
Women's Skeleton: Crowley 9th; Deas 13th; Smith 15th
Men's Skeleton: Wyatt 5th; Weston 10th; Thompson =16th

Sat 23 Jan
2-man Bobsleigh: Hall & Cackett 5th; Deen & Fearon 21st

Sun 24 Jan
4-man Bobsleigh: Hall, Tasker, Lawrence & Cackett 7th; Deen, Fearon, Simons & Dasaolu 13th
Women's Bobsleigh: McNeill & Williamson 14th

Igls, Austria World Cup 8

Fri 29 Jan
Men's Skeleton: Thompson 2nd; Wyatt 5th; Weston 11th
Women's Skeleton: Crowley 5th; Deas 8th; Pittaway 10th

Sat 30 Jan
2-man Bobsleigh:
Hall & Cackett 7th; Deen & Gilling 18th

Sun 31 Jan
4-man Bobsleigh: Hall, Lawrence, Dawes & Cackett 8th; Deen, Simons, Fearon & Dasaolu 11th
Women's Bobsleigh: McNeill & Douglas