The Intercontinental Cup is a skeleton only circuit, with bobsleigh not featuring here. It sits below the World Cup but above the Europa Cup and North American Cup in terms of sliding standard.

Like the World Cup, the season compromises of eight races, but these take place in four venues rather than eight. Austria, Canada, Germany and the United States are the host nations.


Date Venue Race Timetable / Results
Igls, Austria Race 1 & 2

All times are GMT

Thurs 10 Nov 

Women's Skeleton: Creighton 7th; Pittaway 9th
Men's Skeleton: Rice 10th; K Howard 18th; J Howard 25th

Fri 11 Nov
Women's Skeleton: Creighton 6th; Pittaway 12th
Men's Skeleton: Rice 6th; K Howard 9th; J Howard 24th

Königssee, Germany Race 3 & 4
Thurs 17 Nov 

Women's Skeleton: Pittaway 3rd; Creighton 10th
Men's Skeleton: Rice 5th

Fri 18 Nov
Women's Skeleton: Pittaway 2nd; Creighton 8th
Men's Skeleton: Rice 5th

Calgary, Canada Race 5 & 6
Thurs 12 Jan 

Women's Skeleton: Creighton 2nd; Smith 5th
Men's Skeleton: Rice =3rd; K Howard 8th; Wyatt 9th

Fri 13 Jan
Women's Skeleton: Creighton 5th; Smith 7th
Men's Skeleton: K Howard 4th; Rice 8th; Wyatt 11th

Lake Placid, USA Race 7 & 8
Thurs 26 Jan

Women's Skeleton: Creighton 3rd; Smith 7th
Men's Skeleton: Wyatt 2nd; Rice 3rd; K Howard 5th

Fri 27 Jan
Women's Skeleton: Creighton 4th; Smith 11th
Men's Skeleton: Rice 5th; K Howard 10th; Wyatt 11th