Vacancy: Non-Executive Directors

Vacancy: Non-Executive Directors

The BBSA are seeking candidates to join the Board of Directors at an exciting time for the organisation.

Following the most successful non-olympic season in the history of bobsleigh and skeleton in this country, candidates are sought for the role of Non-Executive Director in Finance/Governance and in High-Performance Sport.

The successful applicants will join the Board as we build towards the next Olympic Winter Games in Milan Cortina in 2026 after our teams won more than 80 medals across all circuits last season.

As a small organisation, the BBSA is looking for applicants who are prepared to roll up their sleeves and get involved; to go above and beyond to support the organisation in our commitment for excellence; and to ensure we meet both our strategic and performance goals. Successful candidates will have responsibility for overseeing a functional area and either leading or contributing to the work of a sub-committee.

As well as having the skills, expertise and enthusiasm to join our Board, we are seeking individuals who are a strong cultural fit and who share our core values of integrity, teamwork, commitment and excellence.

The key responsibilities for each of the two roles are listed below:

Finance/Governance INED

The Finance/Governance INED will be responsible for the oversight of the organisation’s financial management, including financial planning and budget monitoring, as well as the organisation’s risk management and internal control systems. A willingness to advise and support the Head of Finance in delivering on key strategic responsibilities will be instrumental to the success of the role.

The appointed candidate(s) should possess an enthusiasm for strong governance, combined with proven expertise and senior level experience in one or more of the following fields: 

· Financial management (including budget setting)
· Risk management (including oversight of financial systems and controls)
· Audit committee experience (both internal and external audits)
· Corporate governance (including compliance with policies)

RIG 600562

High-Performance Sport INED

The High-Performance Sport INED (HPS INED) will take a ‘big picture’ perspective and be responsible for supporting the ongoing development of performance strategy across the BBSA’s sports of bobsleigh and skeleton. Bringing objectivity and expertise from other sports, the HPS INED will look to check, challenge, advise and provide insight to assist the BBSA in maximising the investment and support opportunities available within the UK high-performance system. Having strategic oversight of the BBSA’s high-performance activity, the HPS INED will ensure that the programmes:

· are target driven and achieving expected results
· represent good value for money
· are compliant with funding conditions and stakeholder expectations, including the Code for Sports Governance and other policies, regulations, and ethical/good practice standards required for the effective management of high-performance athletes and staff 

The HPS INED be a driving force behind the BBSA’s agenda to bring greater coherence and cooperation to the delivery of bobsleigh and skeleton within the UK. THE HPS INED will inform and influence the introduction of structures and systems that increase collaboration, knowledge and practice sharing and efficiencies of effort and resource across the BBSA’s programmes so that they continue to innovate and build sustainability for the long term. In addition, the HPS INED will play a key role in ensuring organisation-wide and corporate-level Board decisions, plans, policies and directives are fully informed by the demands of operating in Olympic/Paralympic cycles and of delivering in the daily World Class Programme environment.

The appointed candidate should possess a drive for delivering medal success, along with long-term performance improvement and innovation. The HPS INED will have proven expertise and senior level experience in the following:

· leading and managing an ambitious and successful high-performance sport programme in a sport other than bobsleigh or skeleton
· intimate knowledge and understanding of the UK high performance system for Olympic (and ideally also Paralympic) sports, including the work of key agencies such as UK Sport, the UK Sports Institute, the British Olympic Association, the British Paralympic Association and the Talented Athlete Scholarship Scheme
· Developing, monitoring and reviewing high performance sport strategy, programmes and pathways
· Applying progressive thinking and approaches to athlete and staff well-being
· Managing change

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If you are a results-driven leader who is passionate about sport and wants to make a difference, we would love to hear from you.

For a full candidate brief and role description, please click here for the Finance/Goverance position and here for the High-Performance Sport role.

The BBSA Board structure can be viewed by clicking the following link:  2023-BBSA-Board-Org-Chart.pdf

To register your interest or to apply, please email with a cover letter and/or CV.

The closing date for applications is Friday, October 13th.