Bobsleigh star launches new site

Bobsleigh star launches new site

British Bobsleigh athlete Greg Cackett has launched a new platform that aims to promote the role of brakemen and women within the sport.

Cackett, who competed at the Olympic Winter Games in PyeongChang two years ago, has set up The Brake, a website and social media content platform that went live this morning.

The Brake will feature interviews with fellow push athletes, as well as unique insight into the lives of those charged with giving their pilots the fastest possible start on race day.

Cackett has already lined up content from team-mates, as well as from competitors from various nations around the world, and he hopes he’ll be able to give readers a better idea of what’s required to make it to the top in a position he feels can often be overlooked.

“Being a brakeman or woman is a tough job but it often goes unnoticed and I’d like to do my bit to try and change that,” said Cackett, who pushed Brad Hall to World Cup silver in Igls at the start of the year.

The pilot gets most of the headlines because they’re the ones driving the sled, but they’ll all tell you that it’s a team sport.

"We all work incredibly hard together, both on and off the ice, and there are some amazing athletes that complement the skills of the guys or girls with their hands on the D-rings. 

“I wanted to try and shed some light on what it takes to be an elite-level brakeman and I’ve had so many people tell me they thought it was a really good idea so I thought I’d use the time we have at the moment to get it off the ground.

 “It’s been a lot of work so far but I’m really excited about what we might be able to achieve now that we’re up and running.”

You can find Greg’s new site at and you’ll be able to catch up with all the developments via Instagram at @the.brakeman