British Skeleton selection race 2018/19

British Skeleton selection race 2018/19

The British Skeleton selection races for the 2018/19 season take place in Lillehammer, Norway, on October 17 and 18 and Winterberg, Germany, on October 26 and 27.

The selection races will be over four runs at each venue, with training featuring two runs per session. Training runs are scheduled for October 14, 15 and 16 in Lillehammer and October 23, 24 and 25 in Winterberg.

We wish to advise all BBSA members of the arrangements for those who wish to compete in these races and we apologise for the delay in sending these details through.

The schedule for the races is as follows:


Sunday 14th October - Official Training Day 1
Monday 15th October - Official Training Day 2
Tuesday 16th October - Official Training Day 3
Wednesday 17th October - Race Day
Thursday 18th October - Race Day


Tuesday 23rd October - Official Training Day 1
Wednesday 24th October - Official Training Day 2
Thursday 25th October - Official Training Day 3
Friday 26th October - Race Day
Saturday 27th October - Race Day

After the selection races, the BBSA National Skeleton Selection Committee will confirm athlete selections for the following National Teams:

  • World Cup
  • Intercontinental Cup
  • European Cup
  • North American Cup

If you would like to take part, please contact The entrance fee is £50, with entrants required to use their own equipment. Costs must be covered by participants and racing will take place under IBSF rules, including rules on equipment.

The closing date for entries is 5.30pm on Friday, October 12.

Eligibility requirements

To participate, individuals must be a current BBSA member and hold a current BBSA Skeleton race licence. If you do not have a licence you should contact the BBSA office as soon as possible to arrange for a licence to be issued.

To issue the licence the following is required:

  • A letter from your doctor indicating you are medically fit to slide
  • An electronic passport style photo
  • Licence Issue Fee of £15
  • Subscription to BBSA Silver Membership (£35) (unless already a member)
  • Written proof/documentation of your current travel insurance

Additionally, please note that you will not be able to slide until your insurance has been presented to the race organiser. In specific reference to your insurance, you are advised to read your policy extremely carefully as some policies do not include Skeleton.