The Olympic Winter Games are the pinnacle of the winter sports calendar and take place every four years.

The Games are the only event in the sliding season that see bobsleigh and skeleton athletes competing at the same event as a range of other sports.


Date Venue Race Timetable / Results
Beijing, China Ceremonies

All times are GMT

Fri 4 Feb
Opening Ceremony 12pm

Sun 20 Feb
Closing Ceremony TBC


Thurs 10 Feb
Men's Skeleton Heat 1 1.30am
Men's Skeleton Heat 2 3am

Fri 11 Feb
Women's Skeleton Heat 1 1.30am
Women's Skeleton Heat 2 3am
Men's Skeleton Heat 3 12.20pm
Men's Skeleton Heat 4 1.55pm

Sat 12 Feb
Women's Skeleton Heat 3 12.20pm
Women's Skeleton Heat 4 1.55pm


Men's Skeleton: Weston 15th; Wyatt 16th
Medals: Grotheer; Jungk, Yan

Women's Skeleton: Deas 19th; Crowley 22nd
Medals: Neise; Narracott; Bos


Sun 13 Feb
Women's Monobob Heat 1 1.30am
Women's Monobob Heat 2 3am

Mon 14 Feb
Women's Monobob Heat 3 1.30am
Women's Monobob Heat 4 3am
2-man Bobsleigh Heat 1 12.05pm
2-man Bobsleigh Heat 2 1.40pm

Tues 15 Feb
2-man Bobsleigh Heat 3 12.15pm
2-man Bobsleigh Heat 4 1.50pm

Fri 18 Feb
Women's Bobsleigh Heat 1 12pm
Women's Bobsleigh Heat 2 1.30pm

Sat 19 Feb
4-man Bobsleigh Heat 1 1.30am
4-man Bobsleigh Heat 2 3.05am
Women's Bobsleigh Heat 3 12pm
Women's Bobsleigh Heat 4 1.30pm

Sun 20 Feb
4-man Bobsleigh Heat 3 1.30am
4-man Bobsleigh Heat 4 3.20am


Women's Monobob: No GB sleds
Medals: Humphries; Meyers Taylor; De Bruin

2-man Bobsleigh: Hall & Gleeson 11th
Medals: Friedrich & Margis; Lochner & Bauer; Hafer & Sommer

Women's Bobsleigh: McNeill & Douglas 17th
Medals: Nolte & Levi; Jamanka & Burghardt; Meyers Taylor & Hoffman

4-man Bobsleigh: Hall, Gleeson, Lawrence & Cackett 6th
Medals: Friedrich, Schueller, Margis & Bauer; Lochner, Bauer, Weber & Rasp: Kripps, Coakwell, Stones & Sommer