The Europa Cup circuit features eight races for both bobsleigh and skeleton, although not always at the same time or the same venue.

For skeleton, the Europa Cup circuit sits above the North American Cup in the list of circuits, whereas it shares equal importance with the North American Cup as far as the bobsleigh rankings are concerned.


Date Venue Race Timetable / Results
Winterberg, Germany Race 1

Sun 8 Dec
Men's Skeleton: Weston 15th; Bostock 21st; Fulker 24th
Women's Skeleton: Stevenson 1st; Coltman 2nd

NB weather conditions reduced the men's race to a single run


Konigssee, Germany Race 2 & 3

Sat 14 Dec
Men's Skeleton: Bostock 13th; Fulker 14th; Weston 19th
Women's Skeleton: Coltman 1st; Hanagan 10th; Stevenson DNF

Sun 15 Dec
Men's Skeleton:
Fulker 13th; Weston 21st; Bostock 22nd
Women's Skeleton: Coltman 3rd; Hanagan 16th; Stevenson 18th

Innsbruck, Austria Race 4 & 5

Fri 10 Jan
Women's Skeleton: Coltman 5th; Stevenson 8th; Hanagan 13th
Men's Skeleton: Weston 11th; Fulker 15th; Bostock 16th

Sat 11 Jan
Women's Skeleton:
 Coltman 1st; Stevenson 5th; Hanagan 8th
Men's Skeleton: Weston 2nd; Fulker 8th; Bostock =9th

Sigulda, Latvia Race 6

Sat 18 Jan
Men's Skeleton: No GB sleds
Women's Skeleton: No GB sleds

Altenberg, Germany Race 7 & 8

Fri 24 Jan
Women's Skeleton: Coltman 3rd; Stevenson 12th; Hanagan 13th
Men's Skeleton: Weston 3rd; Fulker 10th; Bostock 16th

Sat 25 Jan
Women's Skeleton: Coltman 4th; Stevenson 12th; Hanagan 16th after Run 1 & DNS Run 2
Men's Skeleton: Weston 4th; Bostock 12th; Fulker 23rd

Coltman wins the overall Europa Cup title