The IBSF runs both Para Bobsleigh and Para Skeleton men’s World Cup events, with the calendar extended to 10 races this season.

Athletes compete in Europe and North America between December and February.

The first Para World Cup competition took place in the 2014/15 season and Para Bobsleigh has since been provisionally accepted for inclusion in the 2022 Winter Paralympics.


Date Venue Race Timetable / Results
Lake Placid, USA Race 1 & 2

All times are GMT

Fri 14 Dec
Bobsleigh: Mapp 12th

Sat 15 Dec
Bobsleigh: Mapp 9th


Calgary, Canada Race 3 & 4

All times are GMT

Fri 21 Dec
Bobsleigh: Mapp 6th

Sat 22 Dec
Bobsleigh: Mapp 8th

Lillehammer, Norway Race 5 & 6

All times are GMT

Sat 12 Jan
Bobsleigh: Mapp 4th; Roberts 13th

Sun 13 Jan
Bobsleigh: Mapp 5th; Roberts 12th

Oberhof, Germany Race 7 & 8

All times are GMT

Sat 19 Jan
Bobsleigh: Mapp 3rd; Roberts 16th

Sun 20 Jan
Bobsleigh: Mapp 3rd; Roberts 15th

St Moritz, Switzerland Race 9 & 10

All times are GMT

Race doubles as European Championships. European Championship results are calculated by removing all non-European athletes from the final standings and reallocating positions to European athletes only.
For example, if a British athlete finishes in third place behind and an American and Canadian athlete, the British athlete would be crowned European Champion.

Thurs 14 Feb
Bobsleigh: Mapp 8th; Roberts 11th 

Fri 15 Feb
Bobsleigh: Mapp 6th (European Championships 5th); Roberts 13th (12th)