Placement Student

Mary Copplestone joined the BBSA as one of two placement students for the British Skeleton programme ahead of the 2022/23 season.

Mary reports to the Head of Talent, Research and Innovation providing performance support across a range of disciplines within the British Skeleton pathway, including analysis and data basing; performance benchmarking and data tracking of international trends; S&C and physiotherapy support; and logistical and operational assistance during both the off season and sliding season at home and abroad.

She has a particular interest in S&C and nutrition within high performance sport but is excited to experience as many disciplines as possible during her time with the BBSA.

A student at Loughborough University, Mary is into her third year of a four-year Sport and Exercise Science degree.

Mary competed as a swimmer for four years before playing football and then hockey, the latter for her local club, Wimborne Wayfarers, and her county.

A member of the East Midlands Officer Training Corps, she turned down the opportunity to play hockey for Loughborough to instead pursue her interest in joining the Army. Mary has already taken part in basic training and is working towards completing her reserve officer commission alongside her university studies.

Mary hails from the New Forest in the South of England and her hobbies include travelling, camping, surfing, bouldering and going to the gym.