Place of birthFarnborough


David (Dave) Coleman joined the British Bobsleigh programme back in 2012, going on to compete at the 2013 World Championships before being named as the reserve athlete at the 2014 Winter Olympic Games.

Dave's sporting background is with throwing and he has competed at a trio of Summer Olympic trials in discus. He was ranked 50th all time in the UK for the sport outdoors and fifth all time in the UK indoors. 

After the 2014 Olympics, Dave took a break from bobsleigh to work on his career as a teacher and to further other interests. During his break from bobsleigh he became a Guinness world record holder for the most weight deadlifted by a team in one hour and he also became a best-selling author with his book 'Live to Inspire'. 

He previously attended Cardiff Metropolitan University and Brighton University, where he completed three degrees - a BSc Science in Health, Exercise and Sport; an MSc in Sport and Exercise Science; and a PGCE with QTS Secondary Science. 


  • Nickname: Big D or Davey C
  • Most likely to be spotted: in the squat rack
  • Least likely to be found: on a treadmill
  • Me in three: inspirational, tenacious, esoteric 
  • Heroes: Steven Bradbury, Tyson Fury, Sir Steven Redgrave, Jonny Wilkinson 
  • Random fact: I'm a Guinness world record holder for team deadlift
  • If I wasn’t a slider: I’d be an entrepreneur 

  • Career highlight: Sochi 2014